Table of Contents
Introduction: Can Fatal Strategic Flaws Only Be Recognized in Hindsight? 1
PART ONE: Failure Patterns
1. Illusions of Synergy: Succumbing to the Eighth Deadly Syn(ergy) 15
2. Faulty Financial Engineering: Taking a Shortcut Through the Numbers 37
3. Deflated Rollups: Buying a String of Rock Bands to Form an Orchestra 60
4. Staying the (Misguided) Course: Threat? What Threat? 86
5. Misjudged Adjacencies: The Grass Isn’t Always Greener 116
6. Fumbling Technology: Riding the Wrong Technology 141
7. Consolidation Blues: Doubling Down on a Bad Hand 169
Coda 190
PART TWO: Avoiding the Same Mistakes
8. Why Bad Strategies Happen to Good People: Awareness Is Not Enough 197
9. Why Bad Strategies Happen to Good Companies: Awareness Is Still Not Enough 216
10. The Devil’s Advocate: Unleashing the Power of Conflict and Deliberation 231
11. The Safety Net: An Independent Devil’s Advocate Review 258
Epilogue: Two Revolutions 273
Acknowledgments 275
Research Notes 277
Notes 292
Recommended Reading 299
Index 303