Chunka MuiChunka Mui is an author, lecturer, and consultant on strategy, innovation, and the organizational inhibitors to success. He has deep insight on the breakthrough possibilities at the intersection of business and technology. At the same time, he has pragmatic appreciation of the challenges in harnessing such opportunities. He challenges readers and clients to think hard about strategic opportunities in their markets while at the same time offering them well-grounded, sensible advice on how to maximize their chances of success.

Chunka Mui gave the closing keynote at the recent annual meeting of NIRI, the National Investor Relations Institute. Following that address, he engaged in a wide-ranging interview conducted by Michael Santoli, a senior editor of Barron’s. Santoli writes the “Streetwise” column, offering a forward-looking take on the financial markets, illuminating market trends and themes and identifying investment opportunities. Below is the video of that interview, divided into five parts.

This is the opening segment of a presentation by Chunka Mui at a recent Stanford Breakfast Briefing.  The audience consisted of approximately 100 members of the Stanford and Silicon Valley business communities. You can get a DVD of the complete presentation through Kantola Productions, the series producer. Zack Urlocker attended the presentation and blogged about it here and here.

The Stanford Breakfast Briefing series is a monthly business forum that features prominent thought leaders; CEO’s, professors and authors who share their expertise and research to help solve critical issues. It is held at the Stanford Faculty Club on the second Wednesday of every month.

Here are video excerpts from Chunka Mui’s keynote presentation to the Executive Forum of the Allscripts Client Experience.

Allscripts is a provider of clinical software, connectivity and information solutions that are used by the physicians. The Company’s businesses provide solutions that inform physicians with just in time information, and connect physicians to each other and to the entire community of care.

Chunka Mui on First BusinessAn interview with Tom Hudson, host of First Business, on what today’s struggling companies could learn from past mistakes.

First Business Television broadcasts nationally to 191 markets including New York. It is the highest-rated business program in the early-morning time period when most executives watch TV. They’re on 45 NBC affiliates, 13 CBS affiliates, 11 ABC affiliates, 42 Fox affiliates, 13 UPN affiliates, and 6 UPN affiliates.

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Here’s an extended interview with Michael McLaughlin, editor of Management Consulting News and co-author of Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants.

Management Consulting News is a monthly newsletter and web site intended for people involved with the Management Consulting profession. Management Consulting News features ideas and tools from leading thinkers, consultants, writers, and marketers to help you rise to the top in your field and stay there.

Click on “read more” to see a video interview of Chunka Mui for the Forum de la Innovacio 2006 in Barcelona, Spain.