We’ve long been believers that corporate leaders can draw important lessons from decision-making at the highest levels of government. That’s because corporate decision-making is often poorly documented; companies tend to move on as quickly as possible. By contrast, while important political decisions are initially opaque, they tend to be the object of dogged reporting and multiple memoirs. Thus, learning can actually happen.

In that vein, Bob Woodward has offered an interesting set of management lessons that President Obama can draw from the Bush presidency. Woodward’s lessons are very consistent with our recommendations in Billion-Dollar Lessons and worthwhile for corporate leaders to ponder. We list the lessons below, and point you to Woodward’s Washington Post article for a fuller treatment. We’ve also snapped several clips from Woodward’s recent appearance on the Charlie Rose show, which adds some color to his article.

Steve Jobs

With Steve Jobs much in the news, we thought it worthwhile to highlight an earlier entry, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish,” that gives some insight into the man.

Though much has yet to unfold, the editors at the Harvard Business Review asked us to relate our work to the current mess. The result is a blog entry entitled “Six Lessons We Should Have Learned Already,” posted on HBR’s Conversation Starter blog. Follow the link to read it there.